Monday, December 12, 2011

Time for plan B....wait, what's plan B?!

Plans to go to school in Mexico fell through. Missed the deadline to pay a fee and now I cannot take the entrance exam. What I want to do now is to apply to as many universities as I can in Wisconsin, hopefully get accepted to the ones I really want and go to school. But the thought of doing all that paperwork again is deterring me. Not just the paperwork....just thinking about what I'm going to do once I graduate. I know it'll be years for that to happen but it still sits on my mind, wondering if I'm wasting my time pursing this degree. I really do want this though so why is there doubt in my head? Am I being logical?


cozzie said...

Hey there :)

Ive not ever been to university, but some of my friends are now in their final year. Ive heard them say the same sort of feelings that you have. They worry about all the what-if's and if they will be good enough and will they get the career out of it at the end. But they are sticking with it :) It sounds like u know what you want, and if you are prepared to work hard for it, Im sure it'll be worth it :) !! Wanting something means you're halfway there! xxx