Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Job Hunting

Yeah, I can't really stay where I work at the moment, any longer. I work at a fast food restaurant and they give me no hours and the pay is of course crap. I always ask for more hours but most of the time they just give me an extra two hours, for the week. And every week it's different amount of hours, never consistent. One week it's 20 then the next it's 17, then the next it's 10, then 15, etc. I can't seem to save any money whatsoever. Everything that I earn goes to my bills and gas for my car. I don't go out, I stay in and watch tv and go online all the time. I'd like to go out once in a while but I just can't. I can handle staying in....what I'm truly worried about is if I am able to pay for my last class that I need to graduate next semester. I was supposed to graduate last semester but could only afford one class. I do not what that to happen again because my shitty ass job prevented that from happening. So I'm looking for a new place to work. It's going to be hard because I know that this job that I'm applying for, I probably won't get. Why? Maybe because I won't leave my current job and most employers look down on that because they don't want there employee's to be worn out by working two jobs and not working at their full potential. Honestly, I'm a little scared about having two jobs at the same time. I would just try to find one job that pays well and gives me enough hours that will make me happy but it's hard to find that in this city.