Monday, September 13, 2010

Never Fails

They seem to be constantly appearing in my life. Starting to get a little old. Tired of trying to find ways to get around them or find a new road completely.

Love the message that the creator of this photo has given.
"It's not easy to remember that a road block is not the end of the world."

Sometimes it feels like it though.

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Dirty Note(s)

About a week ago, I gave an envelope to Alex at work and told him that it was a really dirty note and to not let anyone read it. I was joking, what was really inside the envelope was four dollars that I owed him. Later on that day, he came up to me and jokingly told me that he was disappointed that it didn't turn out to be a dirty note. As he was walking away, I explained loudly (idiot) that it technically was a note...and that it was dirty. Turned my head and noticed that another co-worker was looking at me but I didn't think anything of it because in my head, this was all innocent. It is innocent! I was joking. But she had no idea what I was talking about. She actually thought I wrote a dirty note.

See? It is a note. And I highly doubt there's a clean dollar bill out there. Well, except for those newly printed ones.

Eventually word got out to another co-worker of mine.
Months ago, he told me that he liked me and was wondering if I wanted to be his girl. I told him that I only wanted to be friends. At first I thought he was genuine. But as time passed on, I realized that he's only lusting over me. I'm upset over this dying friendship but I digress.

Couple of days later, Melvin came up to me and loudly stated, "I heard something about you! When I heard, I started to laugh and thought no way."

Me: Pshh, yeah right. (I'm invisible at work, no one notices me so I seriously thought he was lying.)

Melvin: No for real.

Me: Ok, tell me what you heard.

Melvin: Is it true? (His eyes shifted to the side.)

Me: Is what true? What are you talking about?

Melvin: (whispering) Follow my eyes. (eyes shifted to the side again.)

So I slowly turned my head and saw Alex. Realizing what he was talking about, I started to laugh and shook my head no.

Me: I think I know who told you.

Melvin: Who?

Me: You tell me.

Melvin: Call me later.

Heh, over this crap? No thanks, not worth the phone call. Besides, it's obvious to me who talked. I was just wondering if anyone else knew about it.

Later on that day, Melvin sent me a text. He asked if Alex and I are an item. I replied that we are really good friends. After all of this, seems like Melvin acts differently towards me now. Jealous maybe? I don't know.

Gosh, can I pass "dirty notes" in peace? >.>

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

1 out of 3

Finally know where I stand in his life.

I am one out of three people that he cares about the most.

The other two are in his family.

This makes me feel so special.