Monday, January 11, 2010

Go Away

Sometime last week, I received another email from my ex Brandon. Hopefully this will be the last I hear from him. Not sure if I mentioned this but somehow, he found out my number and left me voice messages. The messages stated that he came to my work and saw me but I looked busy so he didn't bother me. That seems kinda stalkerish.
Anyways, here is the email he sent me:

It's been a long time. Too long. I find it kind of strange that after almost three years you don't have anything to say to me or even want to talk to me. I thought things would be different after all this time, but I guess instead of talking to me, you just give me the silent treatment, I had no idea that people still pull that high school game and not talk to someone they once knew. Good luck in with school.

Ok, it's been a little over 2 years but whatever. I don't feel like wasting anymore time. A year with him and his mom was more than enough. He needs to get over it already.


RenRexx said...

I'd want to talk to my ex again. Hell, it's been...... over 3 years since we broke up; we average one conversation a year, but there's just no need to talk anymore. We've changed a lot- for the better- but i know there's still some bad blood between us, and i don't want to delve into the past again.
it's been over a year since i last talked to him, and we've never said another word. we're both happy in our lives that we don't see the need to talk.

most of the time, when someone from your past is looking for you and wants to "talk", it's because they're going thru something and want someone to hear them out.

Brian Miller said...

yeah, guy seems a little dense.

Randomization said...

I still talk to some of my ex's since the end of those relationships and the entire relationship itself wasn't bad.

The other douches like Brandon, I just prefer to cut out of my life.

otin said...

Guys never get over it, that is the problem!!!

Annie Cristina said...

Ugh. There's a reason we call them exes .

Thanks for your kind words re: my grandma's passing. I appreciate it!