Monday, August 25, 2008

Resisting temptation.....

The other day, I was running a little late to work. As I was walking out of my door, I was greeted by two nice Jehovah Witnesses. Made small talk and they gave me this book I believe is for teens or young adults. Anyways, I decided to read some of it today. Some of the subjects include parents, loneliness, drugs and alcohol, and sex. I went straight to the sex section to see what they had to say about premarital sex. Well, of course the book said that it's bad and shouldn't be done. I actually did learn something new though, but it doesn't have to do with premarital sex. Masturbation was never mentioned in the bible so I guess its not really a sin, but still looked down upon. That's good news for all of the males on this planet, huh? lol.
Just reading about their opinions on premarital sex kinda made me have the urge to go out and do it, lol. I guess its just the rebellious side of me coming out for a little moment when I read that. Of course, I didn't go out and have sex since I'm not in a relationship right now. Even though there are people out there that do that, I am not one of them, I care about my health. I lost my virginity when I was 19. Still to this day, I truly wished that I hadn't lost it. I envy a friend of mine who is 22 and is still a virgin. That is so rare and precious to find now days.