Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Haha, I failed!

Some people probably do this, setting goals for the summer.  I only had one.  ONE goal and I did not complete that.  Pretty pathetic but thats what I get for procrastinating constantly.  That one goal is to clean my room.  Yeah, I've been a complete mess this year due to slight depression.
Well, technically summer isn't over yet so I still have a chance in completing my goal :P
Summer ends I believe in September 21?  Somewhere around that date.  I have to clean out my drawers and that is a huge task.  I never want to throw anything away which is another reason why it's kinda difficult for me to actually finish my room.  There is a pile of papers that I have to sort through to see if I need them or not.  I did clean my closet!  So the summer didn't go to waste as I thought :)