Thursday, February 12, 2009

Second time this month

I had a dream about him again. Not the guy in my previous post. This dude, Matt, was my crush back in high school. My sophmore year in high school '02, met him in my english class. That was many years ago so I guess my brain was just recycling memories...? I don't remember my first dream, I just know that he's in it. This morning, at 3:30 am, my brother's alarm woke me up. Just in time I guess because I can feel heart beating really fast. Normally I would remember scary events in my dream but this time, I don't. The only parts I remember is swimming in an indoor pool, getting out and going into the bathroom. I'm assuming it was a uni-sex bathroom since guys and girls were in there. I looked in the mirror and saw my collar bone and shoulders had huge flakes on them. I didn't freak out but kinda disgusted with it and asked people around me what was going on with my skin. Then Matt came up to me and said that it was sun burn. I told him that I never get sunburn and he said, "Well guess what, that's sunburn." And walked out the bathroom. I changed and left the building and saw him outside talking to my dad. I walked up to them to see what they were talking about but when I reached them, he said bye and walked away.
After that, I don't remember the rest of my dream. I wish I remembered what made my heart race. Only things that are terrifying in my dreams do that and I always remember, but this time I don't. Haha, maybe is was a night terror.

Anyways, I'm sure that this dream meant nothing, but I just thought that it was odd that I dreamt about him twice without thinking about him at all, since high school.