Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Guys are hard to trust.

Friday May 9, 2008

Him: What's up good looking? :)

Me: Chillin. You?

Him: Oh nothing just thinking about you.

Me: Oh really?

Him: Yes really. Is that a bad thing?

Me: Not at all. Are you serious about what you told me earlier?

Him: Yes. Why wouldn't I be?

Me: I can never tell when you're serious or not.

Him: I'll find out and let you know. But in the mean time...

Me: Ok, let me know as soon as you find out.

Him: Oh that's it? You're done talking to me now?

Me: No. Don't be sad.

Him: Sad and lonely.

Me: Why is someone like you sad and lonely?

Him: Sick of dealing with crazy girls.

Me: You're probably looking in the wrong places.

Him: Guess so huh? I'm never in the right place then.

Me: I wouldn't worry if I were you.

Him: Why not worry?

Me: Because you have so much to offer. If a girl can't see that, then she is not worth your time.

Him: You think so? These days I don't know.
Has things gotten better for you?

Me: Not really. I'm friends with the guy I like but I'm not satisfied.

Him: Why not?

Me: Because I want to be more than that.

Him: Does he know you like him?

Me: I don't even know why I like him. He said something to me that made me upset.

Him: Was the comment directed towards you?

Me: Yes, the comment was for me. And no he doesn't know that I like him.

Him: Why not? Do you think that it will ruin your friendship?

Me: I don't want to risk it.

Him: So what do you do?

Me: I don't know.

Him: I have an idea?

Me: What's that?

Him: Lets just run away together.

Me: Sound like a good idea.

Him: For real.

Me: Where would we go?

Him: Out of Racine!

Me: Yeah, anywhere is better than Racine.

Him: You know what I see in you? What type of person you are?

Me: What do you see?

Him: Just so you know, I see you blushing right now :)

Me: Yeah, I am actually.

Him: You're the type of person who gives her all. Who loves to be held and comforted. Who would do whatever it took to keep her man happy. Am I right?

Me: Yeah, you're right. How did you figure that? But I don't think that its a good thing. Guys think that I'm smothering them.

Him: I studied you. I'm your stalker. Did you forget? I don't think its smothering. It's affection, some guys like that.

....What are you doing?

Me: Listening to music. You?

Him: Still thinking about you...

I still don't get it. Why would he "fool" me? I already knew about him and he didn't have a clue that I knew, yet he was still able to have an affect on me. I hate to admit that but it's true. Plus, I'm not his type at all, which is why I keep asking myself, why me? Maybe it's just plain ego. But I'm not satisfied with that answer. I guess I'll never find out the reason.
As time passes on, the less I care.