Monday, August 24, 2009

It hasn't kicked in yet but when it does....

It's gonna suck. My niece is leaving to go to college today. We're really close, pretty much best friends. We hung out almost everyday during the summer. Now that she is leaving, seems like my summer is over. Quite depressing.

Haha, she just came over to say goodbye. And I decided that I'm going with her today since she wants me to come along. Just to help her set up the dorm and hang out for the last time. Well, it's not really the last time but since the distance is almost two hours away, visits will be limited. *sigh* Just the thought of the amount of gas that I have to put back in when I come back.....oh well, I know that it'll be worth it.


Stephanie Faris said...

Two hours is tough but definitely doable. When I was in college, I drove home every Friday and my college was an hour away. At least once a month one of you could drive it. I think you'll end up having fun visiting her, actually. College campuses are some FUN places!