Thursday, October 8, 2009

Google Tag

I'm participating in a group blog run every Thursday by Steph in the City and this week post is Google Tag. The rules for this tag is that you have to answer these 10 questions using google images.
This one is going to be somewhat difficult for me since I'm indecisive and change my mind constantly. Well, at this point in time:

1. Your Favorite beverage:

It isn't specifically this delicious Caramel Frappuccino drink, just coffee in general, hot or iced. With milk/cream and sugar :D

2. Your hometown:

This is sadly the best pic I can find for Racine, WI. This is just the downtown area. There's more to it but not much....thank goodness I'm leaving soon! Haha, the tech college I graduated from is pictured in this.

3. Your favorite TV show:

There are many others that I love like Law & Order: SVU, Southland, Scrubs, The Golden Girls, Family Guy. But The Simpsons is the one I watch the most.

4. Your Occupation/You are in school for:

I refuse to say where I work at the moment.

I'm going to school for film/video. And I cannot wait!

5. Your first car:

Yep, that's right. I'm fly.

6. Your favorite dish:

I'm seriously drooling over this pic. Yum!

7. Celebrity you've been told to resemble:

I was told once that I had Selma Hayek's boobs (by a female friend)

Hooray for boobs!

8. Celebrity on your "to do" list

He used to be on that list

Now it's

These two aren't on the list but I do have a mad crush on them.

I guess I just want someone that can make me laugh :P

9. Favorite Childhood toy:

Those models are gorgeous! But yeah, that's all I remember playing with as a child.

10. Any Random picture

Ahh....Cyanide and Happiness <3


Stephanie Faris said...

Ryan Reynolds is cute...but I still remember him as a kid on some Canadian TV show that used to air here on PBS. It's hard to think of him as a hot man now!

Not The Rockefellers said...

That comic was funny...and I heart Ricky Gervais

Peace - Rene

Strange Fiction said...

I love The Simpsons :D School sounds like fun!

Luigi B said...

Sushi is delicious.

otin said...

OK, I love the look of the city where you live.

If you have Selma Hayeks boobs, you are my new best friend! LMAO!!

I love Family Guy!

Film school is awesome!

But you lost me on the Sushi!

Randomization said...

Hello new best friend ;)

Sushi is the best :D
Have you tried it?

RenRexx said...

This guy that wants to date me looks just like Clive Owen, but 24 years old. it's.... weird....