Sunday, October 11, 2009

Maybe I should start posting FML posts

But FML moments don't happen that often (which is really good) so most likely it won't be a weekly thing. Just sporadic posts here and there. I had several good ones but I forgot them...bad memory, lol.

Turns out that I did get a call back from that theater. But I didn't realize it till it was too late. That's what I get for not checking messages on the machine.

The keys that I recently found, fell down bathroom sink.

I was getting ready to go out one night and my friend was waiting for me in his car. By the time I was done (which wasn't long, I swear!), he fell asleep and his car was locked. Pounding on the window didn't do anything. Sadly, it took me five minutes to figure out that I could wake him up by calling him on his cellphone.

Yeah, not so bad. It's funny though, so why not share my "misery".


otin said...

I have done that so many times where I have neglected checking my messages, and missed a time sensitive thing!

Randomization said...

It sucks, doesn't it?!