Monday, July 5, 2010

There goes my 2 hours

My friend Lupe invited me to go see a movie with her and a couple of her co-workers. The movie was Twilight: Eclipse.

Don't judge me ¬¬

I figured that I should go, so I can spend some time with her since we hardly hang out. Plus she already paid for my ticket, which was nice....also meant that I was forced to go. Heh, joking.

Yeah, not a Twilight fan....I cringed at most of the lines (can't decide if it's bad acting or bad writing) and so-called action scenes. The only thing that's good is the music. Originally, I liked one song that caught my attention during the movie: Let's Get Lost by Beck & Bat For Lashes. When I looked up the soundtrack, I noticed that there were a bunch of artists that I enjoy listening to on it. Very surprised to see Cee-Lo Green (from Gnarls Barkley) on that list.

Even though I cannot stand the Twilight franchise, I would recommend checking out this album. Especially if your into indie rock(and/or pop) music.

My faves

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Stephanie Faris said...

That's how I felt after I saw whatever Twilight movie was out at Christmastime. My mom dragged me there...she loves the book. I felt like I was watching a very special episode of Saved by the Bell.

otin said...

I just don't get the whole vampire thing? why the big interest?