Monday, July 12, 2010

Would you do it for $1000?

Well, if someone is willing to buy it for $1000 or more, consider yourself lucky. Would you ever have someone to cut your hair really short for that amount of money? Do you think it's worth it?

Even though I never had a pixie look, it probably won't look right on me. Yet for the right amount of money, I'd cut it in a heartbeat. My hair grows back pretty quickly, so I wouldn't mind the temporary short cut.

But there are some women out there that are serious sellers and take really good care of their hair....I honestly think that $1000 is not worth it. Why? Well, I read different postings about their hair care and they cut their hair after 4 years. Even though they don't use many hair products, high end shampoos aren't cheap, plus the vitamins that they take to keep the hair healthy definitely adds up. Like this chick. Her hair is effin GORGEOUS. I think that it's worth way more than what she sold it for.

I plan on selling my hair, not anytime soon though since I recently got a hair cut. Which will postpone me from doing what I truly want to do with my hair and that's dying it crazy colors.

(Not this intense, though it looks lovely on her)

Which makes me wonder what jobs will I (or anyone) be able to get with crazy hairstyles like that?


Stephanie Faris said...

I doubt it. Just sounds like a lot of work. And, like you said, my hair just wouldn't good short. Maybe shoulder length, but not short. I don't have the face to pull it off.