Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lets disappear till tomorrow

I love being spontaneous and the perfect day for me is to be able to run away for a day.

Sun's up, we wait...all day.

A road trip is a definite must. But to where? Honestly, it would be absolutely fun just to drive with no direction what so ever.

If only we could move away, from here.

Who would go with me? All of my friends, the more the merrier.

(That actually looks very uncomfortable.)

Eventually we'd find a spot, preferably a field of grass in the middle of nowhere with a small lake to swim in.

Hmm....what to eat? I'd bring a small grill with to have a cook out. Hamburgers, brats, kabobs...anything goes.

And drinking beer of course.

When the day is over, we head back to our lives again.

Sun down now we have built our place

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So yeah, that would be an excellent way to spend a day, running away from life. I'm sure that I'll make this day happen one day =]

I follow a blogger named Stephanie and she does a group blog every Thursday. This week is about perfect days.
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Stephanie Faris said...

I LOVE the pictures you chose! Just looking at them made me feel like I was somewhere...else.

LMJ said...

That is such a cool perfect day!!!

The picture of the van full of people reminds me of when I was back in college and broke. We used to go to a drive-in that charged $6 per vehicle. We used to cram up into my friend's van and fill it with beer and other goodies. One time, there was about 20 of us in that van (I kid you not). It was uncomfortable, but once parked, we were able to spread out onto the grass and have fun. Those were fun times.

Randomization said...

Haha, that sounds awesome. I haven't been to a drive-in theater in a couple of years. I should plan to go soon before the cold season comes.

Over here, they charge per person, not per car. I should hide people in the trunk, lol.