Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Don't follow

I was talking to my niece the other day, when she came to visit for the weekend, about my shoes. There is about 7 pairs of cute shoes that I have put away in my closet....some of them I've never worn once. Now, there are 2 reasons for that.

1. I'm more tom-boyish than a girly girl.

My style is similar to this.
I just have different hair than that and no tattoos.

2. I can never find the right "outfit" for the shoes that I buy.

Most of the shoes are random looking but cute. (To me)

My niece and I were just going through my closet and I realized that I had a shirt that went pretty well with a pair of shoes (pictured above). She agreed....but a thought got into my head. Not sure why it did....I'm not the type of person who cared about what others think about my clothes/style. I had black/green hair at one point! The thought that went into my head was: "What if someone sees these shoes and say, 'Those are soooo last year'?" Those shoes are pretty old (even though I never worn them once) if you follow trends, which I don't. I believe I bought them 2 years ago.
I told my niece my thought and she responded, "I'm disappointed in you. Since when did you care about that? We shop in thrift stores! Everything we wear is probably outdated." My niece, Esperanza, is a girly girl but like me, does not care about trends. And that was a very good point she made, lol.

I have yet to wear those shoes. And now it's not because of what others think of the style. I'm not used to wearing heels/wedges. Don't want to fall and make an ass of myself. Gotta practice walking in them first!


Stephanie Faris said...

I've never been much of a shoe person but I've thought that often about shoes I've seen. They'll be beautiful but I know if I have nothing to wear with them, they'll just sit in my closet. I tend to buy shoes to match a wide array of outfits and mostly practical colors. I know that doesn't make me much of a shoehorse!

otin said...

Fashion is not my thing! Sweatpants and sneakers with a T shirt will do me just fine!