Monday, November 2, 2009

Welcome to the Real World

The thought of living with 5 strangers is finally starting to make me feel a little uneasy. I already live with 4 people (parents and 2 other siblings) but that's family and it's in a home. Not sure yet but I'll probably be staying in an apartment with 4 small bedrooms, living room, bathroom, and a kitchen. That's cool that the school I'm going to attend have several apartment complexes reserved for just for students. So it's kinda like dorms but WAY better.

I highly doubt that I'll be staying in that specific one. That's too nice. I opted for the cheapest possible place to stay at.

Of course I'll have a roommate, that's nothing new. I have a roommate now (lil sis). That's not my main concern. What I'm worried about is will I mesh well with their personalities? My old will they be? Haha, a fuckin' 22 year old living with a bunch of 18 year olds >.<
Makes me feel so old! Are they organized or messy folks? Well, whatever comes my way, I'm sure I'll be able to handle it. Don't really have a choice, lol.
Being an introvert, I think that this will help me open up more. And meet a bunch of new people. I'm getting excited again XD
Open house is this Saturday and I can't wait to go to that. I might be taking photographs and recording videos. If they allow it.


otin said...

As an adult, I would not welcome a roommate, but if I were college age, it might be fun!

Randomization said...

Yeah, I'm sure it'll be fun.
They probably have the same concerns as I do so we're all in the same boat.