Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Murphy's Law in my dream

At first I was at work. Everything there was going wrong, I was losing a lot of things there including personal things which upset me. I walked into the bathroom and entered a stall and saw a garbage bag that was full of my belongings. Clothing, underwear, notebooks, photos, necklaces....
I grabbed the bag and tried to drag it out of the stall but it got caught on something (not sure what) and ripped. Somethings fell out and a favorite necklace of mine went into the toilet. That really pissed my off and I groaned as I picked up the necklace. I looked at it and threw it into the bag. Some of my co-workers both male and female started to enter the bathroom. I began to panic, I didn't want anyone to see my belongings so I grabbed everything and stuffed them in the somewhat torn bag. One co-worker saw what I was doing and handed me another garbage bag. I took the torn bag and placed it inside the new one. Carried the bag outside and threw it in a dumpster.
Then at some point, without even realizing it, I was at home, with everyone from work there...still working. I went into my room and everything changed. Instead of 2 twin beds and teal walls, there was a full sized bed with pink walls. At that moment, I went berserk and trashed the room. While I was trashing my room, I decided to look at my phone so I pulled it out of my pocket. Flipped it open and it was completely damaged, on the brink of falling apart. As I was trying to keep the phone together, I was dialing a number but it never came up right. I had to constantly re-dial the number. Getting tired of dialing the whole thing over again, I hit the CLR button and the phone fell apart in my hand and hit the ground. I was devastated but not about losing the phone, losing my contacts. Didn't have any number memorized. Then I walked towards a window and looked outside. My crush (let's call him...Leon*) and a female co-worker were talking to each other on the sidewalk. Suddenly, they both got into their cars, Leon driving off first and he female co-worker following behind him. As she turns the corner, she almost got hit by a Dr. Pepper semi truck.

Finally, my phone rang and woke me up. I thought, "Yes, my phone is ok" :P

Ahh....don't you just love the haphazardness of dreams?

*Name changed to protect identity


Confessions Of A Working Mom said...

Found your site through a blog we both follow, and this post really resonated with me! I often remember my dreams, including a recent one where my first high school boyfriend killed a tour guide during my 20th college reunion-- which is still 14 years away. Funny what our subconscious mind thinks about, huh?


Randomization said...

Yeah, that's why I love dreams so much. They are completely random and make absolutely no sense whatsoever. They can be quite funny if you still remember them upon waking up.

otin said...

Maybe not so random! You are getting ready to live with roomates, that is why the change in the room. You are getting ready to move away from your existing day to day routine, that is why the lost phone contacts!

That will be 50 cents for the analyzation!lol

Randomization said...

Haha! I'm writing a check for 50 cents right now.

You're analyzation does make sense.
I wonder what's up with the trash bag though. Maybe I need to let go...but what?